Filter, bandpass 3820-4200 Mhz Phase1 (PN: Cbandpass1-38204200e)


3820 Mhz to 4200 Mhz


1.3 dB


up to 70 dB





Top-grade USA-built PHASE-1 C band bandpass filter for 5G C band repack (only BIG CITY sites install before DEC 2021). Filter to pass 3820 Mhz to 4200 Mhz C band satellite signals, and reject all other signals. Block new phase-1 5G microwave signals and airport & marine radar and Wimax interference before it enters your LNB. Stop drop-outs and degraded sat reception. With-hardware & 1 Gasket. Made in USA Filter is completely plated with silver, inside and outside and on flanges, for maximum resistance to signal ingress and corrosion (paint over silver on outside) No external tuning screws

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