Power divider-inserter-supply, two 5-way amp (PN: DIVINSUP-2-1X5A)


950-2150 Mhz


TWO configurations: two sets of amplified 1-in 5-out or, one amplified 1-in 9-out


1 dB on 4 V outputs. 5 dB on 1 V outputs & 1 H output.




24vdc @ 1000ma to power 2 LNBs

Rack mounted power divider panel, with two sets of amplified 1-in 5-out power dividers in 1RU enclosure, with power supply having 1000 mA capacity, inserts 24vdc to two LNBs, passes 950-2150 MHz, input A amplified output on 5 'F' connectors, input B amplified output on 5 'F' connectors. Each of the two 5-way outputs contains four ports that are unity gain, and one high output port. Can be configured for 1-in and 9-out operation. Indicator lights on front panel for status monitoring. Internal power blocking on output ports.

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  • Isolation for V/H: 40dB
  • Consolidates all LNB powering and satellite signal splitting capabilities in one compact unit.
  • Six front panel indicators: VERTICAL on/short circuit/open circuit. HORIZONTAL on/short circuit/open circuit.
  • Automatic short circuit shut-down protection.
  • Standard configuration: five amplified outputs for each of two polarities.
  • Alternate configuration: nine outputs for a single polarity, by looping one High output to the unused LNB input. This compact rack-mount unit makes LNB powering, signal separation and amplification easy, neat, and reliable. One unit combines the functions of two power LNB power supplies, LNB power inserter, and 5-way amplified power divider.

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